I designed a title sequence for a movie adaptation (that doesn't exist) of the comic Snotgirl, written by Bryan Lee O'Malley (creator of Scott Pilgrim) and illustrated by Leslie Hung.
In order to visualize Lottie slipping further from reality, losing
her social standing, and drowning in anxiety, I intend to
use a continuous dolly downwards as titles float upwards
and pass the camera by. Words will be highlighted by a
temporary spotlight (referencing short-lived internet fame)
and sometimes accompanied by objects that are symbols for
themes and events in the comics.
These scenes are meant to feel beautiful, dangerous, and
end in inevitable disaster, as the speed picks up gradually.
Specific, meaningful colors will transition in place of the blue
water as we are removed further from reality with Lottie.

Song: “If You Won’t” by Rayana Jay
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