Founder Vision Video
Founder is a mobile app created for entrepreneurs that helps users find the perfect team and idea for their next future endeavor and bring success to startups. The application uses a custom-developed survey to match people to their most compatible team members. Founder is the first product that is going to be launched under the upcoming startup, Conteur. 
​The team is made of 7 Designers, 3 Developers, 1 Psychologist, 1 Business administrator.
The Founder vision video is created as one of the promotion for the app launch in the early April.
Head of the Project: Mikayla Kim
Producer: Mikayla Kim
UX/UI Designers: Mikayla Kim, Yeji Han, Katsy Garcia, Anna Yang
Illustrators: Katsy Garcia, Anna Yang
Graphic Designer: Sunny Lee

Motion Designer: Anna Yang, Anna Vallario
Animator: Anna Vallario
Sound Designer: Miles Kredich

App Developer: Song Cho, Jun Ho Kang
Survey Designer: Krissi Kim
Business Consultant: Roy Kang

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