Bill Nye Saves the World | Rebrand Toolkit
Collaboration with Ghia Villasin - we chose to rebrand Netlfix's show, "Bill Nye Saves the World."

"Bill Nye Saves the World" has a brand packaging that takes a secondary position to the fame recognition of the titular character, Bill Nye, and the contents of each skit and scene in the episodes. It takes a slight effort to emulate the fake, futuristic, and neon visual treatment of typical educational videos of the 90’s. It is hard to decipher whether this is done in irony or in honesty based on the quality and modern style adaptation alone, but is an homage to the original show nonetheless. Notably, the title sequence is only five seconds long - which reflects Netflix’s inclination to give less screen time and priority to titles.
This show is all about Bill, and the title sequence absolutely supports this attitude. Focusing on Bill as the subject in each shot, HUD elements interact with his actions. The title manages to be serious, energetic, and curious at the same time, starting with more serious shots of Bill fixing up his jacket, and ending with a playful and awkward hop into the title reveal.
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