Ramblin' Man - MEISTER
Joshua Pearson's story brought to life by MEISTER.​​​​​​​ I contributed as a 2D animator on this project, and was able to try projection mapping in C4D.

Directors: Nico Carbonaro & Tuesday McGowan
Creative Director: CJ Cook
Executive Producer: Samantha Cook
Lead Designer: Keith Negley
Designers: Diego Freyre & Lindsey Hiramoto
Lead Animator: Meghan O'Brien
Cel Animators: Leonard Bismuth, Tom Smolenski, Audrey Ruano, Lauren Bednar & Naicheng Liu
FX Animator: Andrew Stadler
2D Animators: CJ Cook & Anna Vallario
3D Designers: Carlos Encisco, CJ Cook & Brent Austin
Compositing: CJ Cook
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